Equality & Diversity Group

What we do

One of UEG’s overall objectives is striving for equality of opportunity and inclusion for members of all genders, ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities and experiences.

Our aim is to provide equal opportunities as well as foster the involvement of underrepresented groups in all of our activities and hence create an environment free from discrimination. We have been assigned by UEG Council to oversee UEG’s efforts in this regard and to address areas where inequalities throughout the organisation prevail.

Equality & Diversity Group Chair
Dina Tiniakos
  • Aretaieion Hospital, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece & Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, UK

Equality & Diversity Group Members

Mohamed Alboraie, Egypt
Ignacio Catalan-Serra, Norway 
Irene Esposito, Germany 
María Jesús Perugorria, Spain 
Annemieke Smet, Belgium 
Cem Simsek, Turkey (YTG Representative)

Association Management
Andrea Nowak
  • M: + 43 699 1997 16 12
  • T: + 43 1 997 16 39

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