GI Guidelines App

Our app is available for download on Android and Iphone devices

Get top diagnosis and treatment recommendations with the first guidelines app of its kind in gastroenterology

The GI Guidelines App includes capabilities that did not previously exist, in terms of both functionality and amount of resources in one place. The app contains guidelines in the areas of endoscopy, hepatobiliary, neurogastroenterology, oesophagus, paediatrics, pancreas, nutrition, surgery and many more.

Key features include:
•    Interactive diagnosis and treatment algorithms
•    Scores and calculators
•    Full guideline texts with bookmark and notes function
•    Executive summaries of the most important recommendations of each guideline

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  • Disclaimer

The GI Guidelines app offers long and short versions of guidelines – as well as related interactive tools – in gastroenterology and related fields. The guidelines have been developed with reasonable care and with the best of knowledge available to the authors at the time of preparation. They are intended to assist healthcare professionals and allied healthcare professionals as an educational tool to provide information that may support them in providing care to patients. Patients or other community members using this app shall do so only after consultation with a health professional and shall not mistake these guidelines as professional medical advice. These guidelines must not substitute seeking professional medical and health advice from a health professional. These guidelines may not apply to all situations and shall be interpreted in the light of specific clinical situations and resource availability. It is up to every clinician to adapt these guidelines to local regulations and to each patient’s individual circumstances and needs. UEG has neither reviewed nor evaluated these guidelines and hence these guidelines shall not be relied upon as being complete, current or accurate, nor shall it be considered as inclusive of all proper treatments or methods of care or as a legal standard of care. UEG makes no warranty, express or implied, in respect of these guidelines and cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the application of these guidelines, in particular for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect) resulting from a treatment based on the guidance given herein. UEG shall not be held liable to the utmost extent permissible according to the applicable laws for any content available on such external websites, which can be accessed by using the links included herein.

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