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Women in GI are an interconnected part of the myUEG Community. Together, we empower ourselves to follow our ambitions and advance in the field of digestive health. Become a myUEG Associate or myUEG Young GI Associate for free and join the Women in GI Interest Group on My Connect, UEG’s networking feature available exclusively within our myUEG Community.   

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  • Come to our dedicated area specifically for Women in GI available throughout the entirety of UEG Week, where you can meet and link with experts, peers and role models. 
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Women in GI at UEG Week

Equality & Diversity Plan

"We will continue to focus on recruiting, retaining, and advancing women and individuals from diverse backgrounds and intentionally include them."

This plan shows UEG’s commitment to creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all stakeholders and formulates clear targets and measures to advance Women in GI. 

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Equality & Diversity Plan

Representation of women in UEG

Participation of female experts in boards and committees and among faculty is steadily increasing (e.g., +5% among UEG Week faculty compared to 2021). This is due to targeted networking and recruitment efforts, regulations in UEG Statutes, and concerted efforts made at the discretion of our committee chairs and implemented by their members and UEG Headquarters Management. Growing female participation at the leadership level is vital to retain our highly engaged Young GIs of all genders. We see the highest engagement of women in UEG in our educational activities, both online and face-to-face. Women are strongly represented among recipients of awards and grants as well. To anchor gender equality and inclusiveness at all levels, we follow the UEG Equality & Diversity Plan

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