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The MEP Digestive Health Group has been officially launched!

On June 15, the European Parliament Interest Group on Digestive Health was launched with an online event hosted by MEP Antonio Tajani, the Chair of the Group. The discussion focused on the status quo of digestive health in Europe, the chronic nature of digestive diseases and their socio-economic impact. Expert speakers representing UEG provided the scientific outlook while leading EU policymakers shared their perspectives on what can be done at EU level to improve digestive health.

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The status quo of digestive health in Europe

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Message from MEP Cristian Busoi

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A voice for digestive health in the European Parliament

The Digestive Health Group is a cross-party platform of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from different EU Member States. The group is chaired by MEP Antonio Tajani and counts 13 MEPs. The group aims to raising awareness of the need for better prevention, improved treatment and greater understanding of the causes of digestive diseases. It draws attention to the real-life impact of digestive diseases, their socio-economic burden and it fosters health literacy to strengthen the competence of citizens to manage their health.

Key topics include:

  • Prevention & treatment of digestive diseases
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Social and economic costs of (chronic) digestive diseases
  • Nutrition/ marketing polices encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Mitigation of alcohol related harm
  • Digestive cancers: implementation of quality-controlled screening programmes; increasing standards in cancer care
  • Foster research on digestive health in Horizon Europe

Our supporters

MEP Antonio Tajani, Chair of the Group, Italy (EPP)
MEP Bartosz Arlukowicz, Poland (EPP) 
MEP Biljana Borzan, Croatia (S&D) 
MEP Cristian Busoi, Romania (EPP) 
MEP Sara Cerdas, Portugal (S&D) 
MEP Liudas Mazylis, Lithuania (EPP)
MEP Dolors Montserrat, Spain (EPP) 
MEP Sirpa Pietikainen, Finland (EPP) 
MEP Manuel Pizzaro, Portugal (S&D) 
MEP Michele Rivasi, France (Greens) 
MEP Rob Rooken, The Netherlands (ECR) 
MEP Susana Solis, Spain (Renew) 
MEP Sarah Wiener, Austria (Greens) 

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