UEG Activity Grants

We fund your activities

UEG promotes and funds educational projects in the field of digestive health in our efforts to advance and harmonise the training and continuing education of professionals, and to improve clinical standards and services to reduce health inequalities across Europe.

In line with these efforts, UEG’s educational strategy is based on the competencies outlined in the European specialty training programme and curriculum for gastroenterology and hepatology, the so-called Blue Book.

Activities we support

The UEG Activity Grant scheme funds innovative and multidisciplinary educational projects that promote collaboration, interdisciplinarity and modern teaching methods across Europe, which are coordinated by UEG Member Societies and other providers of education in the field of digestive health.

In 2024 UEG supports live educational and scientific events. 

General terms and conditions
  • The project language is English.
  • Applications and any additional material (documents, reports, etc.) or digital reference stated in applications must be submitted in English.
  • Only complete applications adhering to the conditions set will be accepted for review.
  • Project outcome will be made available for dissemination through UEG communications and publications in coordination with the organiser (e.g. UEG Journal, UEG Week-related publications, website, UEG Library, etc.).
  • Initiatives that receive funding from UEG will mention UEG’s sponsoring and endorsement on their website and in other publications referring to the initiative (e.g. course programmes, scientific publications).

Application for contribution to Live Educational and Scientific Events


We offer contribution to the cost of live educational or scientific events held in 2024 and organised by one or jointly by more than one UEG Member Society or in conjunction with Common Interest Groups, to promote our multidisciplinary field. UEG assumes that stand alone congresses and regular postgraduate activities of our Member Societies are organised independently. However, symposia or workshops which are organised in conjunction with (before or after) an annual regular event may qualify for this UEG support. To qualify these symposia may not be organized on the same dates as the regular event and a separate programme must be conducted. 

How to apply
  1. Download and carefully read the criteria for applicants and selection process
  2. Download and complete templates for application form and budget
  3. Send all completed application documents via e-mail to    

Contact for Live Educational and Scientific Events
Head of Association Management
Wilma Hofer