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Providing an international forum for research in gastroenterology, hepatology and related fields 

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Congress publications

UEG Week 2023 Congress Review

Browse the scientific highlights of UEG Week 2023 and latest news in GI diseases in 24 informative pages.

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UEG Week 2023 Abstract Issue

The high quality of accepted abstracts confirms that UEG Week 2023 is the most important forum to present the best research in our field.

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Research publications

Burden, Economic Impact and research gaps

This publication highlights the key findings from the Pan-European study on digestive diseases and cancers.

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White Book 2

This study highlights worrying increases in the prevalence of several digestive diseases since 2000. It also helps to identify priority areas where research and investment are required.

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Future Scenarios Brochure

Future Scenarios Brochure

Healthcare in Europe: Scenarios and implications for digestive and liver diseases

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Each UEG Journal podcast episode highlights one of the most relevant articles published recently.
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Public Affairs publications

CRC Manifesto

Coordinating European Action Against Colorectal Cancer

This manifesto outlines key European actions and political commitments to help improve colorectal cancer outcomes.

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Nutrition Report

Nutrition and Chronic Digestive Diseases: An Action Plan for Europe

This report outlines how improved nutrition can be delivered across Europe to reduce the chronic digestive disease burden.

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Pancreatic Cancer Report

Pancreatic Cancer Across Europe: Taking a united stand

This report provides a concise overview on the state of pancreatic cancer across the continent.

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Colorectal Cancer Leaflet

Colorectal screening leaflet

CRC is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in Europe. There is strong evidence that CRC screening reduces mortality rates.

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Nutrition Report

Alcohol & Digestive Cancers Report

This report highlights the scale of alcohol consumption across Europe and its direct and indirect impact on digestive cancers.

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Peadiatric Digestive Health Report

Paediatric Digestive Health Report

The report highlights how the current health burden and economic pressure of paediatric digestive health issues have become a pandemic issue.

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Our Position Papers

With our position papers we intend to help shaping the policy and regulation to better reflect the burden of digestive diseases.

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Education publications

Mistakes in booklet 2023

Mistakes in... booklet 2023

The Mistakes in... series has evolved to become one of UEG's unique flagship educational offerings. 

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Mistakes in... booklet 2022

This collection offers you professional advice and good practice notes from experts. 

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Mistakes in... booklet 2021

Tap into the experience of our experts and learn what to avoid in research, diagnosis and treatment of digestive disease. 

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Mistakes In... Booklet 2020

Mistakes in... booklet 2020

Learning from the experience of experts has always been integral to medical training and learning about the mistakes of others is an invaluable resource.

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Mistakes in... 2019

Mistakes in... booklet 2019

Learning from the experience of experts has always been integral to medical training and learning about the mistakes of others is an invaluable resource.

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Mistakes in... booklet 2018

Mistakes in... booklet 2018

With more than 40,000 page visits in the first 7 months of 2018, this series is one of the highlights of our online educational offering.

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Mistakes in... booklet 2017

Mistakes in... booklet 2017

The Mistakes in… series has already gained widespread popularity and we are glad to share this second collection of manuscripts of the past 12 months.

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Mistakes in... booklet 2016

Mistakes in... booklet 2016

The articles in the series focus on mistakes that are frequently made, but also on infrequent mistakes that have a high clinical impact.

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Access the latest and greatest informational content including on-demand recordings, abstracts, posters and Mistakes in... articles shared by world renowned experts.

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UEG publications

Year in Review 2023

This report provides a condensed version of all that we have accomplished in 2023.

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Equality & Diversity Plan

This plan shows UEG’s commitment to creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all stakeholders.

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