Lifetime Achievement Award


We recognise outstanding individual achievements in digestive health

Each year we award an outstanding individual for their fundamental contributions to gastroenterology as a whole and the UEG community in particular. 

Awardees have helped to improve the lives of people with gastrointestinal diseases and their contributions, leadership and impact have been of importance for the UEG community. Their work is widely acknowledged by the gastroenterological community.

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Lifetime Achievement Awardee 2019 Peter Malferteiner

Lifetime Achievement Award 2021

Target group

Digestive health specialists

  • who have had a career spanning at least 30 years and are widely acknowledged by the broader gastroenterological community
  • whose outstanding accomplishments have improved the lives of people with GI diseases
  • whose contributions, leadership and impact have been of importance for the UEG community

Lifetime Achievement Awardee 2020: Peter Milla

Professor Peter Milla is widely acknowledged by the gastroenterology community in Europe and globally as an outstanding Clinician Scientist, leader and mentor who enabled and improved the lives of children and adults.

He made unique contributions to the fields of intestinal failure, inflammation, nutrition, and motility. Bridging the worlds of science and medicine with his research on the gut neuro-musculature, its function and diseases, made him one of the world’s leading experts in this arena. He was a driving force for the introduction of transplantation techniques to treat congenital and inflammatory gut defects and played a critical role in the development of paediatric gastroenterology as a new specialty. 

With his many positions serving ESPGHAN, as Secretary, President and Strategic Board Member, he influenced training in paediatrics and gastroenterology throughout Europe. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition and he continues to coordinate research on irritable bowel syndrome and motility disorders.

As Chairman of UEGF Council and Treasurer he was pivotal in creating UEG’s firm financial foundation, enabling UEG’s spectacular development, its unique brand, and the House of European Gastroenterology in Vienna. 

Peter Milla receives the award during the UEG Week Virtual session “Good Morning UEG Week” on Monday October 12, 08:30-09:00 CEST. 

Peter Milla - Lifetimeachievement Awardee 2020

Past Lifetime Achievement Awardees

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