Masterclass on Chronic Pancreatitis 

A multidisciplinary online and face-to-face learning experience

Online phase: November 2021 
Face-to-face course: December 2 – 3, 2021
Vienna, Austria

What to expect?

This brand-new intensive training programme is highly interactive for both faculty and participants and yields great learning outcomes. We are thrilled to expand your knowledge with the latest training standards presented in this new, best of both worlds format. With our perfect blend of online and on-site (face-to-face) education, clinicians currently specializing in the field of chronic pancreatitis will be given an ultra-modern learning, networking and developing experience.


Learning objectives
  • To develop a knowledge base for long-term evidence-based patient management
  • To have confidence evaluating and managing patients with chronic pancreatitis 
  • To create a multidisciplinary mindset to chronic pancreatitis 
  • To understand what’s needed to operate an effective chronic pancreatitis service

Target audience
  • Clinicians (gastroenterologists, endoscopists, surgeons, radiologists) in specialized training with specific interest in chronic pancreatitis
  • Age 40 and below
  • Interested in both highly interactive online and on-site learning

The following course directors are responsible for the scientific programme:

  • Djuna Cahen (Programme Director)
  • Rui Castro (Online Programme Content Lead)
Registration Start

Call for application opens April 2021

Programme & Education Management
Ulrike Kapp-Popov
  • M: +43 699 1997 16 16
  • T: +43 1 997 16 39

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