Rising Star Awards

Apply for the Rising Star Awards 2025 by September 4, 2024


This prize is awarded each year to the most promising, emerging scientists

The Rising Star Award recognises early career achievements and provides a durable platform for young researchers to further evolve their careers. 

Apply by September 4, 2024.

Rising Stars 2024

Target group

Young researchers in basic, translational and clinical science who show developing scientific independence and a track record of international quality research publications. 

A candidate for the Rising Star Awards 2025 

  • must be a myUEG Young GI Associate (≤ 40 years of age)* 
  • must show at least one publication as first, corresponding or last author in a journal that is ranked in Q1 of the Clarivate Ranking 2023 (JCR 2023). 
    Please note: This is a minimum criterion and previous awardees all had substantial international quality publication records. The JCR 2023 will be published in late June 2024. If you do not have access to it, please request it from
  • may be at any career level but a full professor title will not be accepted. 
  • must be able to give their talk at UEG Week in fluent English. 
  • must attend UEG Week in person. 
  • may apply max. three times for the award. 
  • must reside and work in Europe, in a country bordering the Mediterranean Sea, or in a country represented by a UEG National Member Society. We also accept candidates currently working outside of the above defined area on condition that they have worked in the above defined area at least 5 years during the last 10 years. 

*Main carers of children can apply for an extension of the age limit (2 years per child, but max. 4 years for two or more children) to become a Young GI Associate. To do so, please fill out this form and send it to 

How it works

Rising Stars 2024