What we do

UEG takes concerted efforts to learn more about digestive disease by prevention, research, diagnosis, cure, and raising awareness of their importance

Our purpose

Together with our member societies, we provide services for all healthcare professionals and researchers in the broad area of digestive health. To advance the standards of care and knowledge across the world and to reduce the burden of digestive diseases, UEG offers numerous activities and initiatives.

UEG’s core values include integrity, quality, diversity, independence, respect, accountability and transparency as an inclusive concept for all our activities. We ensure organisational vitality by rotating volunteer leadership, by professional committed staff, by well-equipped infrastructure and by good governance.

Our purpose
Core values
We take responsibility by:
  • working in the best ethical way and adhering to our core values
  • emphasising multidisciplinary collaboration and involving underrepresented groups in all our activities
  • striving for equality of opportunity and inclusion, in particular regarding age, gender, and nationality
  • serving as an umbrella for our member societies
  • communicating with patient organisations and with the public in order to improve all aspects of digestive health across Europe
Organisational vitality
We take responsibility by:
  • maintaining our current robust membership and working with and for the benefit of our members by concentrating on activities where cross-discipli-narity and European integration adds value
  • reinforcing volunteer leadership centered on values and integrity
  • maintaining balanced and efficient committee structures
  • expanding strategies and programmes to promote young talent, to build a growing community of tomorrow’s leaders in European gastroenterology that can positively influence digestive health worldwide
  • fostering strategic collaborations with all stakeholders in the digestive health field
  • maintaining committed and qualified staff as an important resource to the organisation
  • guaranteeing long-term financial sustainability to safeguard our vision
  • collaborating with biomedical and technological industry in the spirit of open-ness, transparency, integrity and dialogue to foster better healthcare outcomes
  • setting measures to encourage diversification of income sources to enhance our financial resilience

Strategic Drivers

UEG Week

Organising the best international multidisciplinary digestive health meeting in the world by sharing the highest quality research and best clinical practice, delivering most up-to-date education, and bringing together the sharpest minds.

Strategic objectives:
  • Increasing quality and quantity of research and scientific submissions
  • Guaranteeing integration of basic and translational science with innovations in clinical practice
  • Maintaining state-of-the-art clinical symposia and sharing best practice, guidelines and standards
  • Evolving the Postgraduate Course in terms of quality and educational value
  • Providing innovative formats to maximise interactivity, inclusiveness and accessibility
  • Increasing the attendance from in- and outside Europe for maximal exchange of knowledge
  • Providing an innovative and friendly networking platform for all participants
  • Providing an array of awards and prizes to attract excellent science


Taking a central role in delivering and disseminating cutting-edge, unbiased continuing medical education and supporting professional development.

Strategic objectives:
  • Developing effective training tools and educational content to meet the learning requirements of the future to optimize quality and standards in Europe
  • Strengthening existing digital learning resources using innovative technology and ensuring easy access to stand out as the premier source in the world for online education
  • Organising specialised courses for different target groups in Europe based on unmet needs, using the best educational concepts, ensuring multidisciplinarity, hands-on training when appropriate and an evidence-based approach
  • Promoting multidisciplinarity across Europe by supporting activity-driven collaborative efforts between our members
  • Establishing an educational European syllabus for all our training opportunities based on the Blue Book of the European Section and Board of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (ESBGH)
  • Harmonizing clinical training of professionals and strategies for accreditation in Europe by fostering close links with the ESBGH
  • Providing educational resources for undergraduate and postgraduate certification requirements in Europe (European Specialty Examination in Gastroenterology and Hepatology)


Encouraging innovation and excellence in research by supporting research facilitation and cooperation in the field of digestive health.

Strategic objectives:
  • Initiating and stimulating collaborative research efforts to support our member societies in facilitating digestive health research in Europe
  • Increasing EU funded digestive health research by providing evidence and advice to funding bodies on priority areas in close liaison with our member societies
  • Establishing a dedicated researchers’ network and platform for exchange on EU funded research and offering a meeting hub for research consortia
  • Supporting and providing endorsement for pan-European consortium forming initiatives in the exploratory phase of applications to EU funding
  • Enhancing awards, prizes and fellowships to support innovation and excellence in digestive health research
  • Regularly updating data on the burden of digestive diseases and on digestive health services in Europe (the “White Book”)


Providing a key authoritative, high quality and trusted journal as an international forum for research in gastroenterology.

Strategic objectives:
  • Promoting an active strategy to attract the best manuscripts within  the field of gastroenterology
  • Publishing cutting-edge research of outstanding quality in basic,  translational and clinical research, as well as top quality reviews  and editorials
  • Improving the quality and impact of the journal, aiming to be positioned among the ten leading gastroenterology journals in the world
  • Promoting the journal as a natural and prestigious home for publication  of European and international consensus papers, guidelines and standards
  • Recognising scientific excellence by awarding best original research

Quality of Care

Improving clinical standards and guidelines, practice and services to reduce health inequalities across Europe for better patient care.

Strategic objectives:
  • Maintaining and improving a central repository of clinical guidelines and standards in the entire field of gastroenterology developed by our member societies
  • Identifying gaps and unmet needs, and encourage member societies to produce new guidelines or clinical standards
  • Supporting and promoting the development and implementation of clinical practice guidelines and standards of care in partnership with our member societies, and disseminating these across Europe
  • Enhancing interaction and exchange between young clinicians and prestigious European training centres

Public Affairs

Acting as the united voice of European gastroenterology for the public and in different national and European institutions to promote digestive health.

Strategic objectives:
  • Coordinating concerted efforts together with our member societies to raise awareness of the importance of digestive health among policy-makers and the public
  • Presenting scientific evidence to EU decision makers to create a favourable policy environment for the improvement of digestive health
  • Raising the profile of digestive health among decision-makers to secure adequate funding for gastroenterology research
  • Improving digestive health in Europe by collaborating with healthcare decision-makers as a powerful voice in the EU institutions
  • Collaborating with other pan-European and international bodies with specific interests in digestive health
  • Advocating for primary and secondary prevention as well as treatment of digestive diseases on a European and national level in close collaboration with our member societies
  • Involving patient organisations in our efforts to improve digestive health at the national, European and international level