In Vienna and Online: October 12 – 15, 2024

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Keep up with the latest & greatest scientific advancements

Enjoy the best of both worlds where we will deliver one event but allow two experiences, both in Vienna (Messe Wien) and virtually.

The scientific programme features scientific highlights in extremely interactive ways. In every session, delegates have the opportunity to interact in real-time via our Q&A tool both in-person and virtually.

Unable to watch live? Don't worry! The on-demand recordings are easily accessible on our congress platform.

Curious about the Postgraduate Teaching Programme 2024?

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PGT programme: 
October 12 (09:00 CEST) – October 13 (11:30 CEST)


Congress programme: 
October 13 (13:30 CEST) – October 15 (15:30 CEST)

Programme overview

Programme is subject to change.
An application will be made shortly to the EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event.  

Programme Formats

  • More on: Sessions, Clinical Case Discussions, Opening Plenary, ESGE Live Endoscopy
More on: Sessions, Clinical Case Discussions, Opening Plenary, ESGE Live Endoscopy

Get the most out of the UEG online programme – Tailor it to your interests! 
In addition to screening through the programme we highly recommend using the topics as your guidance which you can find in the menu on the left-hand side in the online programme! These topics feature organs, diseases as well as specialty interests such as the Mechanisms & Personalised Medicine. It contains sessions that focus on important research and clinical topics in gastroenterology: from understanding the mechanisms of fibrogenesis in HPB to the microbiome – tackled from different perspectives - and the role of technology and precision medicine in advancing digestive oncology and IBD treatment.


Interdisciplinary sessions cover new approaches to diagnosis and treatment, and place major emphasis on innovative, technical advances in the non-invasive management of gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders and translational/basic science. This includes state-of-the-art lectures on the subjects. UEG Week 2024 will also feature various topic highlights such as:

  • The 3 Crash Courses allow clinicians to get an update on a topic of their daily clinical routine. 
  • Mistakes in...: The Mistakes in... sessions provide professionals with specialist tips and know-how beyond textbook knowledge. The presentations focus on common errors and infrequent mistakes that have a high clinical impact on patients and daily clinical practice.
  • Never waste a good disaster sessions feature tandem talks about possibly averted mistakes and wrong decisions during daily clinical practice. Included topics are approached from different angles, with outstanding experts and memorable confessions. 
  • 3 sessions focusing on disease primers are another offer stressing the importance of translational work for both basic scientists and clinicians. 
  • Advances in Clinical GI & Hepatology: Our clinically oriented one-day symposium within the meeting, focusing on Metabolic disorders this year.  

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Clinical Case Discussions 

Taking place on Monday and Tuesday during lunch time, these session cover interactive clinical-case discussions, situations, and specific daily clinical routine problems, approached by a multidisciplinary panel of four experts. Contributions of questions and comments are welcome and facilitated via a Q&A tool on the congress platform. On-site, the audience can vote using coloured cards. 

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Opening Plenary  

Our Opening Session on Sunday, October 13 is the official start of the scientific programme showcasing state-of-the-art lectures and our most prestigious awards such as the Top Abstracts and Research Prize presentations. Both in-person and virtual delegates have the opportunity to ask questions. 

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ESGE Live Endoscopy 

During the ESGE Live Endoscopy on Tuesday, October 15, top international experts will demonstrate cutting-edge techniques alongside basic procedures transmitted directly to UEG Week in Vienna and your living room. The newest developments in 4k definition diagnostic endoscopy will be showcased alongside with state of the art therapeutic interventions like EMR, ESD, POEM and hepatobiliary endoscopy. The case mix and interactive evidence- based discussions with expert chairs that is entirely open to interaction the audience will make this a unique learning experience with a lot of practical tips and tricks to update your endoscopy skills. The ESGE Live Endoscopy is run in cooperation with ESGE  

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Abstract Formats

  • More on: Abstract Sessions, Late Breakers, Video Case Session, Science Lounge, Moderated Posters, Poster Rallye
More on: Abstract Sessions, Late Breakers, Video Case Session, Science Lounge, Moderated Posters, Poster Rallye
Abstract Sessions

The most important feature of UEG Week is the science, and this is recognised in the programme through the large number of abstract sessions devoted to original research. These sessions allow lively discussions about the best original research submitted to UEG Week and provide delegates an opportunity to hear about GI and liver research both in Europe and worldwide before it is published. 

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Late Breakers 

This year the deadline for late breaking submissions is again as close as possible to UEG Week, to ensure that state-of-the-art research with up-to-date results, which might be ready just in time before the congress, can be submitted. Make sure to attend these sessions to get an update on the latest and greatest science! 

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Video Case Session 

During this session, brief videos showing examples of new, unexpected, or exceptional endoscopic practice will be presented and briefly discussed. Thus, the Video Case Session presents either unusual cases or new technologies based on diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. 

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Science Lounge: Posters & Networking  

This is the place to meet your peers for networking and scientific exchange! In addition to Moderated Poster Sessions and the Poster Exhibition, you can use this area for face-to-face interaction with other delegates. All posters will be featured on terminals. The virtual exhibition on the platform will additionally feature the possibility to play previously recorded audio presentations. All Poster presenters are invited to include such a recording of their presentation. 
The Moderated Poster session area is exclusively available to all on-site delegates.

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Moderated Posters

The moderated poster sessions are an excellent platform for in-depth scientific exchange with faculty and peers in a relaxed atmosphere. They also present an ideal opportunity to attend highly interactive and expertly led poster presentations. These sessions can only be attended on-site.

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Poster Rallye

Again at UEG Week 2024: The Poster Rallye! Explore captivating scientific posters in the virtual poster exhibition on the congress platform and test your knowledge for a chance to win prizes like UEG Week 2025 registration and PGT 2025 registration. Participate every day to increase your chances and gain invaluable knowledge. Don't miss out on the Poster Rallye at UEG Week 2024, happening exclusively on the congress platform, open for both onsite and virtual delegates! 

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Common Interest Groups (CIG)

These exciting in-person meetings organised by medical associations provide a great opportunity to discuss thrilling topics on an in-depth level in a smaller group setting. We encourage delegates to come together as a diverse, yet united group of individuals in an organic and flexible way around shared intellectual topics or professional concerns. These meetings are open to all UEG Week delegates.

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Industry Formats

  • More on: Industry Exhibition & Industry Symposia
More on: Industry Exhibition & Industry Symposia
Industry Exhibition

The industry exhibition is the place for delegates to get updates on new therapies and the latest product innovations available in the world of digestive health. Join us in-person in Vienna in 2024, where we will feature the world’s top pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Take the opportunity to engage with them and update yourself on innovations relating to the tools of your trade. Exhibitors frequently organise short educational "Meet the Expert" sessions at their booths. Seize this opportunity to engage and exchange insights with them. 

If you are unable to attend the congress in-person, no worries, the congress platform provides a convenient solution, allowing you to connect with industry supporters comfortably from your office or home. Whether you prefer to use a mobile device, your laptop or desktop, our friendly and efficient congress platform provides a gateway to engaging with industry supporters, to find out more information on Industry Symposia, which will be live streamed, product information or relevant contacts.

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Industry Symposia 

Mark your calendar for these unique events and get updates on the latest data, research and therapies from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Don’t miss the chance to view these lively symposia led by top experts. 
The programme of industry symposia is not affiliated with UEG and the responsibility of the content remains with the company. 

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A huge thank you to our Scientific Committee!

Our members of the Scientific Committee have wrapped up a tremendous undertaking regarding the UEG Week scientific programme. We appreciate the efforts of our volunteers and thank them for building a dynamic UEG Week and PGT 2024 programme. Explore it for yourself to get a taste of all the exciting content coming your way!

Programme & Education Management
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