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UEG supports you in your research developments through inspirational talks, hands-on presentations & webinars on Horizon Europe grants and calls, and a €10.000€ support grant.

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Research Webinars

Next webinar on the Mission on Cancer

The Research webinars are conceived to support researchers planning to apply to upcoming Horizon Europe grants. We plan them around the date of the Horizon Europe calls’ openings and hope to help you increase your chances of success! Next webinar on the Horizon Europe’s Mission on Cancer in January.


Research Prize

For senior researchers at the height of their active career

UEG awards € 100,000 each year for excellence in basic science, translational or clinical research. The prize addresses well-established researchers at the height of their active career, whose science has had or will have a crucial impact on digestive health.


Research Fellowship

Take the next step for your scientific career

This fellowship allows a researcher to spend 12 months working with a renowned European principal investigator thanks to a € 50,000 grant. The main purpose of the fellowship is to support the development of a basic or clinical research project and give the fellow the chance to improve their scientific skills. 


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White Book 2.0

The burden of digestive diseases and related research gaps 

UEG commissioned a new survey to update and extend the results of the previous White Book from 2014. This new analysis is led by Tanith Rose and Benjamin Barr from Liverpool university. It will update data on the burden of digestive diseases, identify gaps and unmet needs in the research base, provide evidence and advice to EU funding bodies and decision makers on priority areas, and foster collaborations with UEG Member Societies to raise political and public awareness of the importance of digestive health. The analysis started in October 2020 and will take two years.

Previous studies 

White Book – Survey of digestive health across Europe (2014)

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Healthcare scenarios in Europe in 2040 (2014)

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Position Papers

We advocate for more European funding in digestive health

We raise awareness on research in Digestive Diseases in Europe, advocating for research in digestive cancer , presenting the issues related to pancreatic cancer research, and informing about research needs within the Health Cluster of Horizon Europe.

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Innovative Health Partnership, Mission on Cancer, Participation of non-EU researchers

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