Horizon Europe Application Support

We invest up to € 10,000 per consortium, to support your application for EU research funding

What to expect

Applying for EU research funding is a time-consuming and costly process. Our Horizon Europe Support provides you with:

  • meeting facilities at UEG Week and at the House of European Gastroenterology.
  • catering and other logistical meeting support onsite
  • reimbursement of costs for accommodation & travel (economy airfare) to your meeting(s)
  • advice for your research topic from our community of leading experts in digestive health.

Target group

Individuals, engaged with Pan-European consortium forming initiatives in the exploratory (pre-stage-I) phase of applications to Horizon Europe funding calls programme, which are in the very broadest sense within the remit of digestive health.

Horizon Europe explained

Browse the draft health work programme 2021-2022

Your responsibilities

  • Acknowledgement of UEG support in your application.
  • You and your team join the UEG Network of Researchers.
  • You provide a brief report on the project outcome to UEG, within 6 months after UEG grant award, or 3 months after EU decision, whichever is earlier.
  • Project outcome will be made available for dissemination by UEG in coordination with the organiser (e.g. UEG Journal, UEG Week related publications).

How to apply

We require one A4 page in English sent to Mathilde Ollivier by email, featuring

  • half a page of consortium and project description
  • half of the page to contain names of co-applicants, affiliations & contact details (phone, e-mail)
  • title & number of the call you are responding to and the title of your consortium
  • CV of Principal Investigator

Applications are considered and accepted on a rolling basis. Your application will be reviewed by experts of the UEG Research Committee

Research Policy Management
Mathilde Ollivier
  • M: +43 699 1997 16 34
  • T: +43 1 997 16 39