International Scholarship Awards

Funding for young GI professionals

We award 30 International Scholarships in 2021 to young gastroenterologists, aged 40 and below.

Awardees get free registration for UEG Week 2021 (including the Postgraduate Teaching Programme) and € 1,000 to cover travel expenses related to UEG Week. The scholarships are restricted to citizens of countries with a Human Development Index (HDI) of less than 0.8 according to the Human Development Report.


Target Group

  • must be a citizen of a country with a HDI of less than 0.8 according to the Human Development Report 2019.
  • must be either a young gastroenterologist or a fellow in training; applicants with a full professor title will not be accepted
  • must be 40 years of age or younger at the time of the meeting (born October 15, 1979 or later; add two years to age limit per child as main carer)
  • the grant can only be awarded once to the same individual

Awardees 2019

Adil Ait errami, Morocco
Ufuoma Akponine, Nigeria
Laween Aldohuky, Iraq
Marianela Alvarado Salazar, Costa Rica
Amir Anoushiravani, Iran
Ahmed Atta, Egypt
Michael Bamiduro, Nigeria
Amarjargal Batdelger, Mongolia
Anatolii Boichenko, Ukraine
Omar Borjas Almaguer, Mexico
Yuliia Borysova, Ukraine
Soumitra Chowdhury, Bangladesh
Agnibha Dutta, India
Esraa Eibarnougy, Egypt

Rania Elkafoury, Egypt
Roua Kallel, Tunisia
Olha Lukianenko, Ukraine
Tendai Rodney Machiridza, Zimbawe
Abdul latif Memon, Pakistan
Kamal Muhammad Mustafa, Pakistan
Renan Muniz, Brazil
Aathira Ravindranath, India
Samana Shah, Pakistan
Tatevik Shahinyan, Armenia
Nino Shalikiani, Georgia
Marianne Linley Sy, Philippines
Xiaowei Tang, China
Andres Yepez, Ecuador

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