International Scholarship Awards

This application is only available for myUEG Young GI Associates 

Free registration for UEG Week 2023 and a subsidy of € 1,000

The award grants up to 30 young GIs to support their travel and related expenses to attend UEG Week 2023.

The aim is to encourage exchange and expansion of knowledge among gastroenterologists on a worldwide level. Award holders will receive free in-person registration for UEG Week 2023 including free entry to the UEG Week Postgraduate Teaching Programme and a lump-sum subsidy of € 1,000. 

Application will open on March 30, 2023.

International Scholarship Awardees 2022

Extent of the support  

The scholarships are restricted to citizens of countries with a Human Development Index (HDI) of less than 0.8 according to the Human Development Report 2021-22. 

Benefits and obligations related to the scholarship: 

  • Awardees receive free in-person registration for the same year’s UEG Week, including the Postgraduate Teaching Programme.  
  • Awardees receive a grant of € 1,000, which shall help to cover hotel and travel expenses related to the attendance of UEG Week. 
  • Awardees must present themselves onsite at the registration counter of UEG Week with an ID/passport and are requested to fill-out and sign the award-related payment form. Otherwise, the award money will not be paid.  
  • The award money will be transferred to the scholar’s bank account approx. 8 weeks after conclusion of the congress.

Target Group

Candidates for the International Scholarship Award 2023 must be: 

  • myUEG Young GI Associates*
    • To be eligible to apply for the International Scholarship Award 2023, participants need to be registered as myUEG Young GI Associates (up to 40 years of age). 
    • Main carers of children can apply for an extension of the age limit (2 years for one child and max. 4 years for two or more children) to become a myUEG Young GI Associate. To do so, please submit a signed confirmation of childcare responsibilities with your application (use of UEG template is mandatory) to  
  • citizens of a country with a HDI of less than 0.8 according to the Human Development Report 2021-22 
  • either a young gastroenterologist or fellow in training; applicants with a full professor title will not be accepted
  • The grant can only be awarded once to the same individual. 

How it works

Applicants must submit the following mandatory documents with their online application by April 30, 2023:

  • Completed online application form  
  • A candidate statement in English (150 words) 
  • Confirmation letter of the head of department in English, which must specify the applicant’s current work and the level of work/training 
  • Copy of passport (will be deleted from UEG’s data management after UEG Week 2023)

Selection process  

UEG awards 30 International Scholarships per year. The Scholarships are restricted to citizens of countries with a Human Development Index (HDI) lower than 0.8 according to the Human Development Report 2021-22. Selection is based on multiple factors, such as country and gender balance, personal statement, commitment to UEG and UEG related activities, etc. 

The awardees of the International Scholarships 2023 will be announced in May 2023. 

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