EU Elections 2024

June 6 – 9

Calling for a strong policy response to improve digestive health in the EU

In the wake of the EU Elections 2024, we call for a stronger health policy environment to reduce the burden of digestive diseases across Europe. In our Open Letter, we recommend six policy interventions to improve digestive health in the EU. These recommendations reflect the latest available data on the social and economic burden of digestive diseases and cancers in Europe, published in the White Book 2 study. 

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6 Key priority areas

How can policy influence our (digestive) health and overall well-being?
What concrete actions should be implemented at local, national and/or European level?

We put together a comprehensive package of policy recommendations for 6 key priority areas that need to be tackled to ensure a healthier and safer tomorrow:

National factsheets

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If you're as excited about the upcoming elections as we are, check out this comprehensive guide including lots of interactive charts: 

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