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Prioritising digestive health in the EU


Let’s vote for a healthier Europe!
EU Elections 2024

Between June 6 – 9, EU citizens will cast their votes for 720 representatives for the European Parliament's term from 2024 – 2029. As the elections draw near, we urge for a stronger health policy environment to alleviate the burden of digestive diseases throughout Europe.

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Digestive Health deserves attention

In promoting digestive health, we work towards the prevention of digestive diseases, as well as the advancement and equal access to treatments to help improve patient outcomes. 

Our new White Book 2

Explore resources related to our latest pan-European study on digestive health, including facts and figures, graphics and webinars. We highlight the burden of digestive diseases and associated research gaps.

Position Papers

We inform policy makers, healthcare professionals and the general public about the latest evidence in digestive health and provide specific recommendations for policy action.


A voice for digestive health in the European Parliament

The MEP Digestive Health Group is a cross-party platform of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from different EU Member States. The group is committed to upholding digestive health on the EU political agenda and fostering favorable policy change. 

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