Scientific Committee

What we do

We are entrusted with developing the core programme of UEG Week.

We meet four times a year and are in constant communication with the UEG Secretariat to smooth out the details of the scientific programme management. This on-going and dynamic relationship is key to the high quality programme people have come to expect at UEG Week.

Scientific Committee Chair
Julia Mayerle
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-University
  • Munich

Scientific Committee Members

Mustapha Adham, France (EFISDS)
Mahdi Al-Taher, Netherlands (EAES)
Timon Adolph, Austria (Independent)
Willem Bemelman, Netherlands (ECCO)
Ana-Maria Bucalau, Belgium (Independent)
Emma Carrington, United Kingdom (ESCP)
Maura Corsetti, United Kingdom (ESNM)
Marjolijn Duijvestein, Netherlands (NSC Representative)
Hankje Escher, Netherlands (ESPGHAN)
Roger Feakins, United Kingdom (ESP) 
Cesare Hassan, Italy (ESGE)
Gianluca Ianiro, Italy (EHMSG)
Nikolaos Kartalis, Sweden (ESGAR) 

Benedikt Kaufmann, Germany (YTG Representative)
Juozas Kupcinskas, Lithuania (EAGEN)
Simon Lal, United Kingdom (ESPEN)
Christos Lionis, Greece (ESPCG)
Albrecht Neesse, Germany (EPC)
Roland Rad, Germany (Independent)
Tim Raine, United Kingdom (Independent)
Jörn Schattenberg, Germany (EASL)
Michael Schumann, Germany (Coeliac Representative) 
Vanessa Stadlbauer, Austria (EASL)
Jean-Luc Van Laethem, Belgium (ESDO)
Carl Weidinger, Germany (Independent)
Bas Wijnhoven, Netherlands (EDS)


Programme & Education Management
Maresa Wiener
Programme & Education Management
Elisabeth Pfeiffer

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