We advocate for more European funding in digestive health

UEG is committed to raising political and public awareness of digestive diseases throughout the continent, informing policy makers, and encouraging research. We advocate for research in digestive cancer within the coming Mission on Cancer and EU's Cancer Plan, presenting the issues related to pancreatic cancer research to the partners of the Innovative Health Initiative, and informing about research needs within the Health Cluster of Horizon Europe. Despite their substantial prevalence and global impact, many digestive diseases are still poorly understood and attract relatively little attention from either a policy or funding perspective. Accurate and up-to-date information is needed on the true burden of digestive diseases and the current organisation and delivery of care. 

To continue raising public and political awareness on digestive health and to support the implementation of ambitious prevention, screening and treatment strategies at the European and national level, UEG commissioned the White Book 2, entitled “Analysis of the Burden and Economic Impact of Digestive Diseases and Investigation of Research Gaps and Priorities in the Field of Digestive Health”.

UEG at the European Parliament

After the publication of the UEG White Book 2, it is now time to pave the way for more effective prevention strategies, improved outcomes for patients and increased funding into digestive health research on EU level. 

On April 26, 2023, we will bring together digestive health experts and key stakeholders from the European health community for a lively and solution-oriented discussion on the current state of digestive health across Europe. We are excited to use this occasion for the launch of our new booklet on the burden of digestive diseases.

Registration is open until April 17, 2023!

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White Book 2
Revealing major health & economic impact of digestive diseases across Europe

Data from the pan-European study, commissioned by UEG on the burden of digestive diseases and associated research gaps, highlights worrying increases in the prevalence of several digestive diseases since 2000. UEG conducted a similar study in 2014 which highlighted similar burdens and, with limited improvements since, the results and outcomes of this new UEG study will assist in accelerating progress in reducing the burden of digestive disorders. It will also help to identify priority areas where research and investment are required across the whole of Europe as well as individual nations.

White Book 2: Burden of digestive diseases & priorities for digestive health research

Full reports
Part 1: The burden & economic impact of digestive diseases

This report provides an international comparative analysis of the public health burden of digestive diseases and cancers, and an assessment of the economic impact of digestive diseases.

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Part 2: Research gaps & priorities

This report provides an exploratory overview of research priorities, activity and funding in the field of digestive health in Europe. 

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Summary & press
Executive Summary

The White Book 2 updates analysis of the burden and determinants of digestive disorders, and explores unmet needs for digestive health research

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Editorial from UEG Research Committee Chair

Digestive diseases: Big burden, low funding? Results of the new United European Gastroenterology White Book on digestive diseases 

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Previous studies 
White Book: Survey of digestive health across Europe (2014)

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Healthcare scenarios in Europe in 2040 (2014)

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Our Position Papers

With our position papers we intend to help shaping the policy and regulation to better reflect the burden of digestive diseases.

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