We advocate for more European funding in digestive health

We raise awareness on research in Digestive Diseases in Europe, advocating for research in digestive cancer within the coming Mission on Cancer and EU's Cancer Plan, presenting the issues related to pancreatic cancer research to the partners of the Innovative Health Initiative, and informing about research needs within the Health Cluster of Horizon Europe.

White Book 2.0

Analysis of the socioeconomic burden of digestive diseases and identification of relevant research gaps in the field of digestive health 

UEG commissioned a new survey to update and extend the results of the previous White Book from 2014. This new analysis is led by Tanith Rose and Benjamin Barr from Liverpool university. It will update data on the burden of digestive diseases, identify gaps and unmet needs in the research base, provide evidence and advice to EU funding bodies and decision makers on priority areas, and foster collaborations with UEG Member Societies to raise political and public awareness of the importance of digestive health. The analysis started in October 2020 and will take two years.

Previous studies 

White Book – Survey of digestive health across Europe (2014)

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Healthcare scenarios in Europe in 2040 (2014)

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Our Position Papers

With our position papers we intend to help shaping the policy and regulation to better reflect the burden of digestive diseases.

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