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UEG Talks Podcast

It's finally arrived: Gastroenterology to go! 

With our top-tier, multisdisciplinary digestive health podcasts we offer you a brand new popular channel to learn and grow with UEG. UEG Talks cover scientific, educational, and professional development topics within the digestive health community.

Listen as our two international experts Egle Dieninyte and Pradeep Mundre cover a wide array of timely, thrilling topics with renowned digestive health professionals from all fields and career stages as guest speakers. 

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UEG Journal Podcast

Ready & waiting: Articles as audio!

Each of our engaging, monthly UEG Journal Podcast episodes features one recently published article from your go-to GI journal, the pulse of cutting-edge science in digestive health.

This is where our authors convey the key message of their articles, such as where the idea came from, how the study was designed as well as the clinical significance of the results. What are you waiting for? Learn something new on the go via our hosts, UEG Journal Editors, H. Tarik Kani and Ahsen Ustaoglu.

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