Gastroenterologist's guide to stem cells

Topic: Basic Science

European CME Credit: 1

Authors: Simon Leedham, Stuart McDonald
Release date: March 2023
This course was developed by UEG and is accredited with EACCME
All related CME accreditation is freely available upon course completion

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About this online course

Stem cells are primitive and undifferentiated cells in human tissues (foetal and adult) with self-renewal, multipotency and longevity properties. They are responsible for cellular regeneration within the gastrointestinal tract but also play an essential role in different GI pathologies (e.g., Barrett’s oesophagus).

A gastroenterologist’s guide to stem cells, by Simon Leedham and Stuart McDonalds, covers the basic definitions of stem cells and their different locations in the gastrointestinal tract, homeostasis, the role of stem cells in intestinal regeneration, metaplasia, and tumour heterogeneity. The course includes comprehensive PPT slides, and bespoke video presentations filmed in London in December 2022. Figures, schemes, and further readings are included for consideration. The combined material has a total duration of approximately 60 minutes. The estimated time needed to complete the course, including the final assessment, is 60 minutes.

Target audience

This course is suitable for gastroenterologists in training, but is also appropriate for nurses, basic scientist in gastroenterology, medical students with interest in gastroenterology as well as other physicians (oncology, regenerative medicine, research).