Career Development

Advance along your career path 

Topics 1 & 2 have already passed but you can still enrol and watch the recordings. 

This activity is freely available for all myUEG Young GI Associates

What to expect?

With this new activity,  specifically for Young GIs, we help you improve your skills, broaden your professional network and get closer to your ideal job, skillset and lifestyle. 

  • Get exclusive access to useful material compiled for you on a specific topic.
  • Participate in interactive learning sessions with experts who share insightful tips and tricks based on their personal experiences. 
  • Meet up with experts and peers in small groups to explore the topic in more depth.


Target audience & participation

This activity is relevant for myUEG Young GI Associates with an interest in the specific topic at any level of experience.

Main carers of children can apply for an extension of the age limit (2 years per child) to become a myUEG Young GI Associate. To do so, please fill out this form and send it to .

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Level 1
  • In the foundation level you will prepare for the programme by watching videos and reading articles that we have selected for you. 
  • You can do Level 1 in your own pace. But start in time to be ready for Level 2!
  • No prior knowledge is necessary to start Level 1. 
Level 2
  • In the consolidation level you will participate in a 1-hour online session and receive further input and tips from experts, while you can ask your questions in the Q&A chat. 
  • Make sure you have read/watched the resources presented in Level 1 before you participate in Level 2. 
Level 3
  • In the execution level you will meet the experts and your peers in small group video call and receive individual feedback on your assignment.
  • You will have to register for the session by email and submit an assignment.
  • More information about the assignment will be provided in Level 2. 
  • You must have finished Levels 1 and 2 to participate. 
  • Places are limited – first come, first served.
Level 4 
  • In the recognition level you have the chance to meet your group and the experts personally at UEG Week to network, ask more questions and get more tips. 
  • You will have to register for the session by email. 
  • More information about the meeting will be provided in Level 3.
  • You must have finished Levels 1-3 to participate.  

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Passed topics

Writing & publishing – How to write a good original article 

Joost PH Drenth
Livia Archibugi
Dragos Ciocan 
Ana Dugic
Chloé Melchior
Katarzyna Pawlak
Iago Rodríguez-Lago 

Learning objectives:         

Participants learn 

  • to choose the right journal for their work
  • to present their research in an original format
  • to find a good title  
  • to write a good abstract 
  • to reduce their wordcount
  • to write a cover letter 
  • to handle reviewers’ comments 
  • to deal with rejection 
  • to make their article discoverable online 

Growing to be a leader – How to empower yourself & your team

Marianna Arvanitakis 
Imran Aslam 
Ciaran Carthy
Ignacio Catalán-Serra
Charlie Murray   
Sibyl Schädeli 
Beatriz Gros Alcalde

Learning objectives:          

Participants get tips for  

  • being a good trainer and teacher 
  • finding and being a good mentor
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • working and communicating in a team
  • job interviews 
  • negotiations 
  • dealing with a difficult working environment  
  • strategic thinking 
  • identifying their strengths and weaknesses 
  • effectively moving forward

Upcoming topics

Academia & research – How to get into an academic pathway  

Level 1: March – April 2023 
Level 2: May 2023  
Level 3: June 2023  
Level 4: During UEG Week 2023 

Connect & collaborate - How to network effectively 

Level 1: May – July 2023  
Level 2: August/September 2023  
Level 3: August/September 2023  
Level 4: During UEG Week 2023 

More information will be available in due time.  

Career Development Task Force

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