Infectious Colitis

Topics: Small Intestine & Nutrition

Authors: Laia Peries, Xavier Aldeguer
Release date: February 2021
This course was developed by UEG 

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About this online course

Infectious colitis is a highly prevalent condition and a major cause of morbidity worldwide. Clinical management of infectious colitis, which can be caused by various intestinal pathogens and some sexually transmitted pathogens, is a medical challenge.

This online course provides the latest information on all aspects of infectious colitis. Authors Laia Peries and Xavier Aldeguer discuss the aetiology, epidemiology, symptoms and clinical features. They describe the general diagnostic approach to infectious colitis and present a diagnostic algorithm. They also summarize the treatment options and raise awareness of complications and special situations.

Learning objectives

  • To understand how to reach a conclusive diagnosis of GORD
  • To know how to reach a conclusive diagnosis of no GORD
  • To understand how to deal with an inconclusive diagnosis

Target audience

This course is suitable for gastroenterologists in training, but it is also appropriate for physicians and surgeons in other disciplines who have an interest in infectious colitis, as well as nurses, biotechnicians and advanced-years’ medical students who have an interest in gastroenterology.