myUEG Community

Thought-provoking exchanges with experts and inspiring interactions with peers!

Take time to have fun and connect! Join us in real-time in the myUEG Community Programme Hall for thought-provoking exchanges with experts and inspiring interactions with peers. Trust your gut with a cooking class, relax your gut with a yoga class, and so much more.  

Enjoy exploring it – we’ve got lots of activities! 

myUEG Community Programme

What’s a five-star chef without their sous-chef? What’s the myUEG Community Programme without engaged participants? We need you there live, actively seasoning and impacting the entire discussion!

Join us in real-time in the myUEG Community Programme Hall to influence each topic and take the conversation from a gentle simmer to a strong boil! Utilise our Q&A, Word Cloud and multiple-choice question tools to ignite the conversation and turn the temperature up a notch.

Congress & Chill

Your sneak peek into our Chill Zone on the virtual congress platform 

Trust your gut – Cook with UEG

Take a break and treat your taste buds with our customised cooking programme – designed with you and your gut in mind.

Relax your gut – Yoga with UEG

It takes guts to relax, and even more to reach for the stars! Touch your toes and strike a pose with this yoga lesson specially made for the UEG community and their bellies.

Vienna sightseeing tours

It’s no secret that Vienna is a stunning city rich in history. Now take the time to see it with your own eyes, all from the comfort of your current seat.

Treasure Hunt

Want to win a free registration for next year’s UEG Week and free bragging rights for the rest of time? Of course you do! Play along and collect points to be this year’s Treasure Hunt champion.

Head of Association Management
Wilma Hofer
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