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Prioritising digestive health in the EU



Digestive Health deserves attention

In promoting digestive health, we work towards the prevention of digestive diseases, as well as the advancement and equal access to treatments to help improve patient outcomes. 

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The White Book 2 has been published!

Data from the pan-European study, commissioned by UEG on the burden of digestive diseases and associated research gaps, highlights worrying increases in the prevalence of several digestive diseases since 2000. Browse through the full study and join us at UEG Week for its unveiling in our new Live TV Studio Session, "Digestive diseases: Big burden, low funding?"

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Position Papers

Speaking as one united voice of European gastroenterology

Presenting scientific evidence and recommendations to decision makers, in order to create a favourable policy environment for the improvement of digestive health, is the driver of our advocacy efforts.

Read our latest position paper on obesity and digestive health.

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MEP Digestive Health Group

A voice for digestive health in the European Parliament

The MEP Digestive Health Group is a cross-party platform of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from different EU Member States. The group is committed to upholding digestive health on the EU political agenda and fostering favorable policy change. 

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