Liver Biopsy

Topic: Hepatobiliary

Authors: Joost PH Drenth, Helena Cortez-Pinto, Sofia Carvalhana
Editor: Rui Castro
Release date: April 2016, reviewed/updated August 2018
This course was developed by UEG.

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About this online course

Despite its drawbacks, liver biopsy remains the gold standard for diagnosing several liver diseases. Furthermore, it may aid in choosing the best treatment or establishing disease prognosis. Clinicians should be able to accurately interpret clinical parameters justifying the need for liver biopsy, decide which procedure to use and be prepared to deal with complications.

This online course addresses the most relevant aspects of liver biopsy, from common indications and contraindications to management of complications. Emphasis is placed on practical elements, with the inclusion of hands-on demonstrations of the Menghini and Tru-Cut techniques. A clinical case provides a comprehensive example of how to interpret findings when deciding whether to perform liver biopsy.

Learning objectives

  • To recognize the relevance of liver biopsy for the diagnosis of liver disease
  • To understand common indications and contraindications for liver biopsy
  • To become familiar with the different steps involved in performing a liver biopsy
  • To be able to decide on the most appropriate technique for performing liver biopsy, focusing on the Menghini and Tru-Cut biopsy devices
  • To be able to identify complications of liver biopsy and learn how to manage them

Target audience

This course is suitable for practicing hepatologists, as well as liver pathologists, nurses and any other healthcare professionals interested in, or actively performing, liver biopsies.

Liver biopsy