Clinical Introduction to Colorectal Polyps

Topics: Endoscopy, Digestive Oncology

Author: Tomer Adar
Editor: Natalie Wood
Release date: October 2016, reviewed/updated May 2021
This course was developed by UEG

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About this online course

Colorectal polyps are an important clinical condition, frequently encountered in endoscopic practice. This course is designed to provide a clinical introduction to colorectal polyps, emphasising different aspects prior, during and following the endoscopic procedure.  

Learning objectives

  • To understand and be able to describe the definition of colorectal polyps and their different classification
  • To know why we look for colorectal polyps
  • To be familiar with the various relevant considerations before, during and after polypectomy (the polypectomy procedure itself is not covered in this course)
  • To be aware of clinical management following polypectomy

Target audience

This course is suitable for gastroenterologists in training, but is also built to serve physicians and surgeons in other disciplines, as well as nurses, bio-technicians and advanced-years’ medical students who have an interest in gastroenterology.


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