Gastric Polyps

Topic: Digestive Oncology

European CME Credit: 1

Authors: Oliver Pech, Pradeep Bhandari, Raf Bisschops
Editor: C. Rune Stensvold
Release date: March 2018, reviewed/updated July 2022
This course was developed by UEG and is accredited with EACCME
All related CME accreditation is freely available upon course completion

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About this online course

Gastric polyps are frequently found incidentally during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Although gastric polyps are rare and generally produce few symptoms, some have malignant potential and need to be resected. 

This online course addresses the various types of gastric polyp and their endoscopic appearance, diagnosis, pathology, malignant potential and treatment. 

Learning objectives

  • To become familiar with the typical endoscopic features of gastric polyps
  • To gain knowledge of the necessary diagnostic work-up of a gastric polyp
  • To learn the need for surveillance or treatment for the different types of polyp

Target audience

This course is suitable for gastroenterologists in training, but is also built to serve physicians and surgeons in other disciplines, as well as nurses, bio-technicians and advanced-years’ medical students who have an interest in gastroenterology.

Gastric Polyps