Education Committee

What we do

We develop educational resources to underline UEG’s role as the main provider and leading actor in advanced postgraduate training in gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy, and take a central role in delivering and disseminating cutting-edge, unbiased continuing medical education and professional development. 

We build on existing digital learning resources and effective training tools by incorporating innovative didactical approaches and state-of-the-art technology, and keep an eye on latest developments and educational trends to stand out as the world’s premier source for top-tier multidisciplinary GI education. 

Education Committee Chair
Henriette Heinrich
  • Clarunis – Universitäres Bauchzentrum
  • Basel

Education Committee Members

Foteini Anastasiou, Greece (ESPCG)
Ilse Broekaert, Germany (ESPGHAN)
Ignacio Catalan-Serra, Norway (E-Learning Editor)
Ahmet Çoker, Turkey (EFISDS)
Zilvinas Dambrauskas, Lithuania (EDS)
Viktor Domislovic, Croatia (YTG Representative)
Enrique de Madaria, Spain (EPC) 
Ricard Farré, Belgium (ESNM) 
Sven Francque, Belgium (EASL) 
Manuele Furnari, Italy (E-Learning Editor)
Michela Guardascione, Italy (ESDO)
Istvan Hritz, Hungary (ESGE)
Pascal Juillerat, Switzerland (ECCO)
Klaartje Bel Kok, United Kingdom (E-Learning Editor)
Zeljko Krznaric, Croatia (ESPEN)
Alexandra Langers, The Netherlands (Independent)
Ines Rubio Perez, Spain (ESCP) 
Dorin Popa, Sweden (EAES) 
Christian Schulz, Germany (EHMSG) 
Spyridon Siakavellas, Greece (E-Learning Editor) 
Leonardo Sosa Valencia, France (Independent)
Davor Stimac, Croatia (EAGEN)
Petr Vanek, Czech Republic (NSC Representative)
Christoph Zech, Switzerland (ESGAR)

Education Committee main image


Head of Programme & Education Management
Verena Wagner
Programme & Education Management
Ulrike Kapp-Popov
Medical Education Editor
Maximilian Schinagl

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