Research Committee

What we do

We are assigned to achieve coordinated research facilitation to stimulate funding in the field of digestive health.

We promote and enhance digestive health research in Europe by advising and providing evidence to funding bodies on priority areas for research.

Research Committee Chair
Luigi Ricciardiello
  • University of Bologna
  • Bologna

Research Committee Members

Marianna Arvanitakis, Belgium (ESPEN)
Francesc Balaguer, Spain (NSC Representative)
Pradeep Bhandari, UK (ESGE)
Vincenzo Cardinale (Independent)
Silvio Danese, Italy (Chair-Elect)
Dragomir Dardanov, Bulgaria (ESCP/ESSAT)
Omar Elsharaawy, Egypt (Young Talent Group)
Adam Farmer, UK (ESNM)
Marcis Leja, Latvia (Independent)
Edouard Louis, Belgium (ECCO)
Tamara Matysiak Budnik, France (ESDO)
Antonio Moschetta, Italy (Independent)
Beat Müller-Stich, Germany (EAES/ESSAT)
Andrew Plumb, UK (ESGAR)
Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou, France (EASL) 
Vinciane Rebours, France (EPC)
Bohumil Seifert, Czech Republic (ESPCG)
Raanan Shamir, Israel (ESPGHAN)
Annemieke Smet, Belgium (EHMSG)

Research Group
Research Policy Management
Mathilde Ollivier
  • M: +43 699 1997 16 34
  • T: +43 1 997 16 39

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