Public Affairs Committee

What we do

We are responsible for raising awareness of digestive health among specialists and decision-makers at the European level.

We, supported by the UEG Brussels Office, are in regular contact with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Representatives of the European Commission and Council, as well as other EU stakeholders, to promote digestive health on the EU agenda.

Chair Public Affairs Committee
Markus Peck-Radosavljevic
  • Klinikum Klagenfurt am W├Ârthersee
  • Klagenfurt am W├Ârthersee
  • Austria

Public Affairs Committee Members

Patrizia Burra, Italy (Chair Elect)  
Maria Buti Ferret, Spain (EASL)
Jorge Amil Dias, Portugal (ESPGHAN)
Pierluigi Fracasso, Italy (ESPCG)
Aleksandar Gavric, Slovenia (YTG)
Daniel Hartmann, Germany (EAES, EFISDS, EDS,  ESCP)
Jan Martinek, Czech Republic (NSC)
Patrick Mich, Germany (EPC)
Adrian Saftoiu, Romania (ESGE)
Thomas Seufferlein, Germany (ESDO)
Hans Törnblom, Sweden (ESNM)
Philippe Van Hootegem, Belgium (ECCO)
Monique van Leerdam, The Netherlands (Independent)
Shira Zelber-Sagi, Israel (Independent)

EU Affairs
Jana Tenglerova
  • UEG Brussels Office
  • M: +32 4777 649 34

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