Feeding Difficulties in Children with Gastrointestinal Disorders

Topics: Small Intestine & Nutrition, Paediatric

Author: Rosan Meyer
Release date: 2014
This course was developed by: ESPGHAN.

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About this online course

Although feeding difficulties are a common phenomenon in children with gastrointestinal disorders, symptoms are often not recognised early enough, preventing early management and the escalation of symptoms.

It is important that healthcare professionals familiarise themselves with this topic, as difficulties may impact on both the child's growth and development as well as the wider psychological well-being of the child and family.

Learning objectives

The objectives of this course are:

  • To understand the definitions for feeding difficulties in children and which one is appropriate for children with gastrointestinal disorders
  • To be able recognise the symptoms
  • To understand the possible causes of feeding difficulties in gastrointestinal disorders
  • To understand the basic management principles
  • To understand the importance to early recognition to prevent the development of feeding difficulties

Target audience

All gastroenterologist dealing with a variety of gastrointestinal conditions, dietitians, nutritionists, psychologist, speech pathologist and any other healthcare professionals involved in a feeding team.


Feeding difficulties