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Our myUEG Community is your connection to an international and multidisciplinary digestive health community. A plethora of outstanding free resources and educational activities await you. Become a myUEG Associate or myUEG Young GI Associate for free today! Grow a diverse network of friends, colleagues, peers and collaborators within the digestive health community via our new, exclusive My Connect networking feature.

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As a myUEG Associate you can benefit from both continuous education and career development by utilising our renowned offers, each with various touchpoints throughout the year.

*Registration fee for these events is not included. 

Connect & Network


Benefit from joining My Connect, UEG’s exclusive and secure networking feature for searching and linking with international digestive health professionals. Expand your relationships and collaborations and form completely new ones, all in a safe and professional online setting only accessible to those within the myUEG Community. 

Enhance your connections as well at UEG Week, our renowned annual congress, and enjoy intimate networking opportunities with international colleagues and peers both in-person and online.

Track & Organise


Succeed with UEG! Our account settings and features have been redesigned to allow you to best keep track of your digestive health-related ventures, all from one central location – your personal myUEG account!

Utilise your personal filebox, manage your applications, congress activities, educational projects, certificates (including your new personalised myUEG Associate Certificate) and more!

Learn about the user types and their benefits!

Basic user

Who are our Basic users? Industry Representatives, Medical Association Representatives, Patient Advocacy Representatives, Press, Suppliers.

As a Basic user, after the simple process of creating (or updating) a free account you will have full access to: 

myUEG Associate

Who are our myUEG Associates? Medical Doctors, Allied Health Professionals, Nurses, Researchers, Retirees, Undergraduate students.

As a myUEG Associate, after the simple process of creating (or updating) a free account you will be able to gain all the benefits of a Basic user and more! 

Your benefits:

myUEG Young GI Associate

Who are our myUEG Young GI Associates? Status only available for those up to 40 years of age: Medical Doctors, Allied Health Professionals, Nurses, Researchers, Undergraduate students. 

As a myUEG Young GI Associate you will have access all the same benefits as a standard Associate. 

In addition, you will be eligible to participate in our Career Development programme, tailored specifically to those in the early stages of their professional and academic career. You can also claim a myUEG Young GI Associate Certificate.

Your benefits:

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