Evidence-based Guidelines for the Management of Acute Gastroenteritis in Children in Europe

Topics: Stomach & H. pylori, Small intestine & Nutrition, Paediatric

Author: Alfredo Guarino
Release date: 2016
This course was developed by: ESPGHAN.

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About this online course

Acute gastroenteritis is a common condition in children and young people and regularly seen by health professionals.

This e-learning course was developed to help propagate effective diagnostic and treatment guidelines, based on the ESPGHAN/ESPID TEENAGE project. The recommendations made in this material are supported by a robust evidence base, aiming to increase effective treatment and therefore improve patient outcomes.

Learning objectives

  • Introduce the ESPGHAN TEENAGE project, and the creation of the guidelines
  • Define Acute Gastroenteritis, including key diagnostic criteria
  • Describe key treatment principles, including oral rehydration, antibiotics and dietary considerations
  • Provide additional guidance on in-patient treatment in hospital

Target audience

All gastroenterologists and health professional who may encounter patients with gastroenteritis.

Acute Gastroenteritis