Thought-provoking exchanges with experts and inspiring interactions with peers!

Join us in the myUEG Community area where you can meet and interact with colleagues and experts from around the globe. Trust your gut with a cooking class, relax your gut with a yoga class, and so much more.  

Enjoy exploring it – we’ve got lots of activities! 

UEG Week Virtual - myUEG Community
myUEG Community

myUEG Community programme

What’s a five-star chef without their sous-chef? What’s the myUEG Community programme without engaged participants? We need you there live, actively seasoning and impacting the entire discussion!

Join our programme in real-time to influence each topic and take the conversation from a gentle simmer to a strong boil! Utilise our Q&A, Word Cloud and multiple-choice question tools to ignite the conversation and turn the temperature up a notch.

Preliminary programme 

  • Superfood for thought (prepping the future of education)
  • Her recipe for success: A discussion with UEG’s next President
  • Diversity is the spice of life: Career chat on equality in grants
  • Add social media and mix well with scientific publishing

Further sessions coming soon.

Head of Association Management
Wilma Hofer
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