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A voice for digestive health in the European Parliament

The Digestive Health Group is a cross-party platform of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from different EU Member States. The group is chaired by MEP Antonio Tajani and counts 9 MEPs. The group aims to raising awareness of the need for better prevention, improved treatment and greater understanding of the causes of digestive diseases. It draws attention to the real-life impact of digestive diseases, their socio-economic burden and it fosters health literacy to strengthen the competence of citizens to manage their health.

Key topics include:

  • Prevention & treatment of digestive diseases
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Social and economic costs of (chronic) digestive diseases
  • Nutrition/ marketing polices encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Mitigation of alcohol related harm
  • Digestive cancers: implementation of quality-controlled screening programmes; increasing standards in cancer care
  • Foster research on digestive health in Horizon Europe
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Our supporters

MEP Antonio Tajani, Chair of the Group, Italy (EPP)

MEP Biljana Borzan, Croatia (S&D)

MEP Sara Cerdas, Portugal (S&D)

MEP Sirpa Pietikainen, Finland (ECR)

MEP Manuel Pizzaro, Portugal (S&D)

MEP Michele Rivasi, France (Greens)

MEP Rob Rooken, The Netherlands (ECR)

MEP Sara Wiener, Austria (Greens)

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