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Keep up with the latest and greatest scientific advancements

The UEG Week Virtual 2020 scientific programme will take place on our virtual congress platform. The programme will be featured across many virtual lecture halls as well as in our TV Studio. Each location will host scientific highlights in extremely interactive ways.
Have a burning question for session speakers or chairs? In every session delegates will have the opportunity to interact live with both via our Q&A tool.
Unable to watch it all live? Not to worry! After it ends, every live session will be available as an on-demand recording in three 3 hours or less. These on-demand recordings will then be easily accessible on our virtual congress platform.

VirtualWeek - World of Science
World of Science

Programme overview

CME Accreditation

Claim your CME points for having attended UEG Week Virtual 2020 or Best of PGT 2020!
Both events are officially accredited and healthcare professionals who attended can claim up to 34 CME points.

How to claim CME

Virtual Halls

The UEG Week Virtual 2020 scientific programme will take place on our virtual congress platform. The engaging programme will be featured in the following virtual halls:

UEG Week Virtual - Lecture Halls
UEG Week Virtual - Lecture Halls

TV Studio 

Just like the newsroom of a network station, our TV Studio will exclusively showcase unique live formats such as the Opening Session, Breakthroughs of the day and UEG Week digested, in addition to regular Live Symposia. Our top international experts will be joined by professional moderators in the studio for excellent discussions, updates and more – don’t miss out!
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Halls 1-6

Similar to the session rooms which you can visit during our face-to-face congress, you will be able to access a multitude of session formats in these halls, such as Live Symposia, Live Abstract-based Sessions, Live Case-based Discussions and the Live Translational/Basic Science Symposia.
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Live Demo Hall

In this location, thrilling live demonstrations await you on both Monday and Tuesday. Monday will feature important updates in the field of Ultrasound and on Tuesday we will transmit endoscopic procedures in real-time from the AMC in Amsterdam.
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E-poster Exhibition

All E-poster presenters are invited to include a recording of their presentation, thus allowing delegates an experience similar to walking through our physical poster exhibition.
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Industry Hall

This hall features live industry symposia by leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies sharing updates on the latest data and therapies in the field of digestive health.
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myUEG Community

Take time to have fun and connect! Join us in the myUEG Community area where you can meet and interact with colleagues, experts and mentors from around the globe via both moderated and open chats. Stop by the Young GI Booth or Women in GI Corner, trust your gut with a cooking class, relax your gut with a yoga class, and so much more. Enjoy exploring this shit – we’ve got lots of activities! 
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Industry Exhibition

Browse through the virtual exhibition booths within the Industry Exhibition for the latest updates on top therapies, as well as new diagnostic and product developments from leading companies in the field.
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Live Special Symposia

The UEG Week Premiere

Embark on your virtual adventure by tuning in to our UEG Week Premiere – the very first live broadcast from our TV Studio. Get to know our professional moderator and be part of the official opening with UEG President, Axel Dignass, UEG Vice President, Helena Cortez-Pinto and Chair UEG Scientific Committee, Herbert Tilg. Enjoy our Presidential address as well as a custom DJ performance from an Austrian professional – designed with you in mind. Additionally, receive a helpful and interesting overview of the UEG Week Virtual concept and functionality.
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Opening Session

The Opening Session on the morning of Sunday, October 11 is the official start of the scientific programme. It will include state-of-the-art lectures given by invited experts and allow delegates the opportunity to ask questions.
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Good Morning UEG Week

Start your morning the right way – alongside UEG! Grab a cup of coffee (or two) and join us virtually in our live TV studio. Enjoy some light discussion with key UEG players, as well as their recommendations or “gut feelings” on the highlights of the current day. Be present on Monday for the laudation and Award Ceremony of UEG Lifetime Achievement Awardee 2020, Peter Milla and on Tuesday for the laudation and Award Ceremony of UEG Journal Best Paper Awardee 2020, Andrew Wisniewski. Wake up early to catch all of this along with further exhilarating updates that can only be heard by tuning in.
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Breakthroughs of the day

Join our panel of international and multidisciplinary experts as they discuss the abstract highlights of the day! Gain insights into which scientific innovations can’t be missed to keep updated in all fields related to digestive health, ranging from basic science to clinical guidelines.
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UEG Week digested

Need a concise and upbeat overview of what happened during the day? Tune in and get caught up with our panel of world renowned and highly qualified experts as they highlight their top picks from the programme. This will also provide guidance on what you may have missed and need to watch on-demand!
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Live Symposia

Live Symposium

Interdisciplinary symposia cover new approaches to diagnosis and treatment, and place major emphasis on innovative, technical advances in the non-invasive management of gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders and translational/basic science. This includes state-of-the-art lectures on the subjects. UEG Week Virtual 2020 will put an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, with the focus on Innovative technologies driving future medicine.
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Live Case-based Discussion

In these highly interactive sessions, a panel of four experts in the field discuss common clinical situations based on a short presentation of a case, a scenario, or a specific clinical problem. The audience is invited to contribute to the discussion with questions and comments.
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Live Crash Course

Crash Courses offer the ideal setting for clinicians to get a complete update on a common, distinct topic of their daily clinical routine. All essential aspects are covered in these practically focused sessions, where clinical cases and best practice examples will contribute to their relevance for the clinical practice. The courses are particularly interactive with the majority of the session dedicated to open discussions as well as the exchange of clinical practice experiences between the speakers, chairs and audience.
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Live Translational / Basic Science Symposium

These sessions include topics that will potentially affect clinical practice within the near future, thereby being attractive for both basic/translational scientists and clinicians.
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Recorded only

These sessions feature recorded talks for important topics such as guidelines and international scientific collaborations.
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Live Demo

During the Live Ultrasound Demonstration on Monday, October 12 and the Live Endoscopy on Tuesday, October 13, top international experts will demonstrate cutting-edge techniques alongside basic procedures transmitted directly to the Live Demo Hall. The inclusion of multiple parallel cases and experienced chairs ensures an interactive learning experience.
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Live Video Case Session

During this session, brief videos showing examples of new, unexpected, or exceptional endoscopic practice will be presented and briefly discussed. Thus, the Video Case Session presents either unusual cases or new technologies based on diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy.
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Abstract-based Sessions

Live Abstract-based Sessions

The most important feature of UEG Week is the science, and this is recognised in the programme through the large number of Abstract-based Sessions devoted to original research. These sessions allow lively discussions about the best original research submitted to UEG Week and provide delegates an opportunity to hear about GI and liver research both in Europe and worldwide before it is published.
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Live Late Breaking Abstracts

This year the deadline for late breaking submissions was again as close as possible to UEG Week, to ensure that state-of-the-art research with up-to-date results, which might be ready just in time before the congress, can be submitted. Make sure to watch these sessions to get an update on the latest and greatest science!
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Moderated Posters 

The moderated poster sessions are an excellent platform for in-depth scientific exchange with faculty and peers in a relaxed atmosphere. They also present an ideal opportunity to attend highly interactive and expertly led poster presentations.
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E-Poster Exhibition

Every poster presenter is invited to prepare and upload an E-poster together with a video recording, which will be put on display in the Virtual Poster Exhibition.
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Live Nurse Programme (in cooperation with ESGENA)

The Live Nurse Programme is an outstanding educational initiative, completely in real-time. The programme includes many different top quality lectures, workshops, abstracts and posters.
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Live Industry Symposia / On-demand Industry Symposia

Live and on-demand industry symposia are part of UEG Week Virtual as well! Mark your calendar for these unique events and get updates on the latest data, research and therapies from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. The programme of industry symposia is not affiliated with UEG and the responsibility of the content remains with the company.
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Industry Exhibition

Explore the industry exhibition where you can get updates on new therapies and the latest product innovations available in the world of digestive health. The virtual industry exhibition enables live interaction, which makes it easy to get in touch with exhibitors via text or video chat. You can also listen to experts in one of the meet-the-expert sessions hosted on the exhibitor’s booths and ask your questions within this interactive setting. 
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