Low risk superficially invasive carcinoma in large laterally spreading colonic lesions removed by piecemeal EMR has a limited risk of residual disease

David Gibson  1     David James Tate  2     Mayenaaz Sidhu  3     Dileep Mangira  4     Simon Zanati  5     Alan C Moss  6     Rajvinder Singh  7     Luke F. Hourigan  8     Spiros Raftopoulos  9     Gregor Brown     Michael John Bourke    
1 Alfred Hospital,Melbourne,Australia
2 Westmead Hospital,Gent,Belgium
3 Westmead Hospital,Sydney,Australia
4 FlindersMedicalCentre,Melbourne,Australia
5 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital,Canterbury,Australia
6 Westmead Hospital,Melbourne,Australia
7 Lyell McEwin Hospital,Adelaide,Australia
8 Princess Alexandra,Brisbane,Australia
9 Charles Gairdn

UEG Week 2019

United European Gastroenterology Journal Volume 7 Issue 8 (Supplement), October 2019

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