Effects of fecal supernatant from Autism Spectrum Disorder patients on intestinal epithelial barrier permeability and enteric nervous system phenotype

Jacques GONZALES  1     Laetitia Aymeric  2     Marie Burel  1     Morgane Roul  1     Catherine Le Berre-Scoul  1     Alexandru Gaman  3     Françoise Le Vacon  4     Marion Leboyer  5     Hélène Boudin     Michel Neunlist    
1 UMR1235 - Faculté de Médecine,Nantes,France
2 CRCINA,Angers,France
3 CHU Albert Chenevier Mondor,Créteil,France
4 BioFortis Mérieux NutriSciences,Saint-Herblain,France
5 CHU Albert Chenevier Mondor,Créte

UEG Week 2019

United European Gastroenterology Journal Volume 7 Issue 8 (Supplement), October 2019

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