Early Colon Cancer: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines

R. Labianca     Bernard Nordlinger     G.D. Beretta     S. Mosconi     M. MandalĂ      Andres Cervantes     Dirk Arnold    

Digestive Oncology

Ann Oncol 2013; 24 (Suppl 6): vi64-vi72, PMID 24078664


Guideline prepared by a multidisciplinary group of experts which provides an overview of incidence and epidemiology data, symptoms, diagnostic and staging procedures, pathology report, risk assessment, recommendations for treatment options by stage, discusses options for adjuvant therapy, and recommendations for follow-up and survivorship care plans.

Keywords: colorectal cancer; adjuvant treatment; stage II; microsatellite instability; curative resection; randomized trials; mismatch repair; fluorouracil; survival; metaanalysis

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European Society for Medical Oncology

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Cancer Treatment, Digestive Oncology
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