Combining absolute quantification of fecal bacteria with metagenomic sequencing data improves the characterization of the gut microbiome of patients with Crohn's disease

Arnau Vich Vila  1     Anna Boddeke  1     Alexander Kurilshikov  1     Valerie Collij  1     Paula Sureda Horrach  1     Julius Z. H. von Martels  2     Arno R. Bourgonje     Marjolein Anthonia Ymkje Klaassen     Shixian Hu     Dianne B.H Jansen     Klaas Nico Faber     Gerard Dijkstra     Alexandra Zhernakova     Hermie J. M. Harmsen     Rinse K. Weersma    
1 University Medical Center Groningen,Groningen,Netherlands
2 University Medical Center Groningen,Groni

IBD I (Posters)

UEG Week 2019

United European Gastroenterology Journal Volume 7 Issue 8 (Supplement), October 2019

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